Characteristics of an Effective Educator

To be an effective teacher you must be a player of many roles: the role of learner, the role of collaborator, the role of community, and the role of educator. Within the role of teacher, I will be first and foremost a facilitator of learning for my future students. This means understanding the content that is being taught as well as knowing how to explain it in a manner that students will comprehend. It is the job of the facilitator to enable developments to happen and encourage students to find their own truth and solutions to comprehension tasks. As the role of community, my goal is to create an environment that engages students in all areas of functioning, from the intellectual to the social. As the role of collaborator I bring students together to share their knowledge in order to come to a consensus as well as discuss why their thinking processes differs. As role models I believe teachers need to be enthusiastic about what they’re teaching and positive about their students’ potential for learning, because if I am not motivated to teach then why should the students be motivated to learn. A good educator is a teacher who not only provides a comfortable learning environment for exploring, but also challenges students to express their opinions and knowledge. This goal requires teachers who are dedicated to their students learning process and is willing to be available to them when they need help navigating and understanding the material.  Being a teacher means you have to create a relationship with your students, a relationship based off respect and understanding.